For many years, Rotterdam has been known as the gateway to Europe as it had the world largest and busiest ports. Netherlands is much acclaimed for its capital Amsterdam as it offers a cultural experience hard to match; however, the Rotterdammers have a saying ‘Amsterdam has it, Rotterdam doesn't need it’ which underlines the intense rivalry between the two cities to stake their claim as being the highlight city of Netherlands. This city boasts the beautiful Erasmus Bridge, Euromast Tower, World Museum, Photo Museum, World Port Center and a barrage of historical sites relevant to the World War 2 as well as the geographically troubled nature of Netherlands since it is one of the few countries below sea level. This has caused this city to experience a multitude of floods in its past.

Situated in Southern Netherlands, Rotterdam is at the heart of an intensive and well integrated rail, road, air and inland waterway distribution systems. For this reason, many tourists choose to begin their European discovery from Rotterdam as it allows access to the rest of Europe in more than one way. The usual course of action is to rent an apartment in Rotterdam and explore the city’s offerings for a day or two before utilizing the transportation network. However, since Rotterdam is the economic capital of Netherlands, a lot of people from other cities and countries approach for work. Apartments required for such people are easily available in a variety of buildings as Rotterdam is experiencing a renaissance of it’s own at the moment. A lot of the buildings are being transformed into modern architecture while some are being preserved to keep intact the city’s history. Lodging is available in all shapes and sizes with a lot of flexibility in the space provided. The features installed in the rented rooms also vary according to the requirement; some are fully furnished while some provide an empty canvas for the residents to color themselves.

Lodging in apartments is an economical option when compared to hotels or bed and breakfast. In a city like Rotterdam where business and design go hand in hand, this trend is even more appropriate as stylish apartments are available in a location of the customer’s choice; be it the city center, close to tram lines, railway station, museums, parks or airport. A lot of the renovated buildings have apartments which meet and exceed all modern standards of lodging. They are spacious, light, but cozy and homely at the same time. Example of an available apartment would be of one which has a large living room, fireplace and bedrooms separated by sliding doors. A fully equipped kitchen and spacious bath room with shower, basin and toilet. At the back of the apartment would be a spacious terrace in a lush green city garden. If you’re lucky enough to be on the top floor then you can even have the city’s impressive skyline to admire and witness the city’s imposing appearance.

The apartments are available at very flexible conditions and prices, ranging from one night to a month’s stay. The prices start on average from € 90 for one night stay and the monthly rent is on average € 570. A large contingent of the student community also chooses to abide in these apartments as Erasmus University Rotterdam, Hogschool Rotterdam and Rotterdam School of Management are some of the top rated universities present in the city. It is safe to say that offers opportunities for people from every sphere of life; be it for work, education, travelling or just enjoyment. With clubs to party with well into the night, the city nightlife is metropolitan and alluring, providing for every taste. Rotterdam promises to be a city of the future and has the potential to easily usurp its rival city Amsterdam.

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