What to remember when buying an apartment in Amsterdam

Considering all the beauty and peacefulness associated with Amsterdam, it is easy to understand why people want to buy apartments in the city and move there. Well the good news is that the global recession has slowed down the sales. This means the price is not galloping ahead all the time. And since less people are buying houses they get a greater range of options. As with anywhere else, there are still tons of things to think about before deciding on an apartment Amsterdam. And for the benefit of those people, this article is entirely directed to providing a guideline on the things that have to be thought of.

When we think about the high prices it makes sense to do some research on it. It is not just the price; a house is somewhere we are going to live in for many decades, and so it makes sense to do much research on it. We already knows about the usual stuff we have to think of when buying a new house, that is why this writing is all about some special details that are unique for when buying.

First we have to understand the idea of price per square feet in the city. There is a certain value on one square feet of land, so the bigger the house is the more it would cost right? When it comes to properties things are a bit different. There the floor area of any house only includes the living areas. Therefore if the apartments have; say, car parking or a garden, the price of the house will go up because of that. In other words, the price per square feet idea is only giving us an approximation to how much apartments in Amsterdam can cost.

When buying apartments in Amsterdam we would come across something called ‘foundation code’, this is basically paperwork on the kind of foundation the building has. That is great news, foundations are very important and it is good that buildings come with that kind of paper work. But in reality, having a foundation code is not a must by law, and there being one may not always be a good thing. Many apartments would actually have those papers because at some point in the past the foundation had to be repaired. Generally however, the thing we have to consider is the actual quality of the foundation of apartments in Amsterdam. Just having some papers does not prove anything, it is what written on the paper which matters.

Another thing to remember about apartments in the city is that many of them are actually built on leased land. This means something different to different apartments. It is good news when the apartment is built on land that has been leased for a very long time and the payment is already made. However there are certain apartments whose residents have pay a monthly amount for living in a building that was built on rented land. That is not necessarily a bad thing either; we just have to make sure we can swallow the additional expense.

Finally what we have to remember is that apartments in Amsterdam are hardly ever sold directly by the house owners. Unlike in other cities of the world, there are chances that the seller and agent may not even be conversing on a daily basis. This often leads to conflicts at the time of sell and considerations made by both sellers and buyers. That has to be kept in mind.

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